About The Frogs

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The older we get the more we like this place!

Toni lives in the high plains desert near Boise, Idaho and misses the frogs in South Carolina. She has traveled to the Far East and Europe gaining life experience that adds to her creative style.

She has worked in IT, web design and marketing for 12 years and hosts her own servers for selective markets.

Wayne lives on Lake Murray in South Carolina where frogs abound. He has been around the world as a Vietnam Navy veteran, gaining an appreciation for many other cultures and there influence on art, music and design.

He retired from Bellsouth Telecomunications in 2004 after a career encompassing sales and marketing, electronics and computer software installation.

Ryun lives in balmy Sarasota, Florida where the frogs are so plentiful that his kids invite them in for tea parties. His main hobbies are, in no particular order, Barbeque (he’s the King of Smoke!), League Softball and anything that involves computers and technology.

In his spare time he donates his web design skills to non-profit and small businesses in his community.

Adam lives in Rome, Italy where the frogs all speak Italian. He is a Luthier by trade and loves to travel. His travels have taken him to the Far East, Africa and many parts of Europe.

When Adam isn’t building guitars or travelling the globe he promotes the Power of The Frog!

Together we are the Crippled Frogs and the Frogs believe that the customer is always right. We strive to create a site for our customers that is exciting, asthetic and rewarding. We do our work ojectively, and without injecting our personality, in order to create sites with our customers’ individuality and vision.

Observe and employ the Power of the Frog!