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Crippled Frog Web Design and Graphics creates easy to manage websites for individuals and businesses alike.

You want me to leap over WHAT?!

We’re not so young anymore, no longer leap tall buildings or jump out of planes, and now that we’re older, we bring whole lifetimes of experience in the business world to help you get to where you’re going.

We design your graphics, choose the best web software for your needs and give you a website that makes you look good! We love WordPress, but use other systems as well if they’ll be a better fit for you.

Want to sell something? We can help in all parts of the process, from setting up merchant accounts to arranging product launches to drive traffic to your new e-commerce site.

So come have a look around our site. Browse our portfolio, take a look at our price guide and give us a holler when you’re ready to get started.

      We’re the Crippled Frogs and we look forward to helping you make a splash on the internet without breaking your pocketbook.